About Us

Introducing Goodieboxx—the efficient way for brands and retailers to offer products in non-traditional retail locations. Our Goodieboxx stores are custom-branded, self-service retail stores that combine the luxury of online shopping with the gratification of traditional retail.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, a city with the most shopping centers per-capita, Goodieboxx is leading the revolution in creating intuitive automated stores to simplify the shopping experience for retailers and customers alike.  We eliminate the vapid process in shopping and reward our customers with a quick and effortless retail experience.



Launched in 2011, Goodieboxx is the avant-garde and proprietary leader of the speciality automated retail store market.

The Goodieboxx retail network continues to partner with upscale mixed-used retail developments in addition to other boutique hotels, and high-density foot traffic areas across the U.S. Each Goodieboxx retail store is equipped with our best-in-class management software, a full list of services and a dedicated site selection group.

They've Got The Goods!


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