What is Goodieboxx

Goodieboxx is the technology and services leader in the automated convenience store market. Goodieboxx retail stores offer the conveniences of online shopping combined with the immediate gratification of traditional retail.

Our stores cater to a consumer looking for a convenience in shopping that affords them with the immediate luxury of purchasing their must have items instantly. We place our stores in high-density, mixed-used retail locations creating a sense of community in a fast paced urban lifestyle.

Filling a Void

In our efforts to help define urban sustainability, we increased our focus on a strategy to strengthen America’s urbanized areas with community assets that improve the quality of life and neighborhood walk-ability. By 2030, around 5 billion people will reside in urban areas. Our aim is to re-introduce mixed-used communities with sustainable and efficient neighborhood retail.

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Why Us?

Uncomprable Productivity

Goodieboxx delivers some of the highest sales per sq. ft. in the retail channel.  Goodieboxx stores achieve 50% more per sq. ft. than the same space in traditional retail.  By offering top products at competitive prices, our partners are finding that our Goodieboxx stores can provide incremental revenue at a much higher multiple than traditional retail outlets.

Strong Brand Identity

Goodieboxx uses limited floor space with a clean, secure display offering 360-degree branding. The standard Goodieboxx location is a high-traffic, high-visibility area creating an invaluable number of impressions from potential consumers.  Each machine is equipped with numerous state of the art components, such as external LCD touch screens and credit card terminals to facilitate the shopping experience for the customers.

Ultra Modern Technology

Each product purchase is retrieved by an adjustable storage system that can store a multitude of products, disregarding the size, weight, and mass which delivers the item directly to the consumer. With Goodieboxx’s technology you have maximum flexibility in the size and shape of products that can be dispensed, and you’re not limited to just low cost skus – in fact, the best-selling products are in the $5 to $800 price range. 

They've Got The Goods!